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About Us


We are the founders and team behind Future 4ce, LLC. We are a mixed Danish-American family currently located in Tennessee. 


James Lakes is an IT executive and is born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He played professional basketball in Europe for 8 years and holds M.Sc. In International Business from the prestigious Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark. James loves coaching and being part of the development of individuals and companies. He currently works for Salesforce. 


Heidi Lakes is a Family Physician and co-owner of a medical practice in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Heidi is originally from Denmark and has lived in USA since 2002. Heidi graduated from the University of Copenhagen Medical School in Copenhagen, Denmark. Heidi is a true entrepreneur and always looking for ways to monetize her interests and passions. 


Maja Lakes is a multi-talented college student, with a passion for many things, from clay creations to music making.  Maja plays an active part of our renovations and has a great eye for design as her mother.

Emma Lakes is energizer bunny of the bunch. A very active high school student that plays AAU travel ball as well as plays for her varsity high school team.


Our concept builds around a few core elements:

1.     Family - this is our foundation and the reason we do everything. We are a  


2.     Future - we collectively are investing in and building the future we envision for         our family.

3.     Force of 4 - All four of us will be bringing our own skills and passions to the               table to build a varying set of businesses that contribute to the whole.

​We created Future 4ce, LLC because we wanted to have one big basket to put all our "eggs" in.  We want to give our girls a change to learn how to build and manage a business and nourish their entrepreneurial genes. We aim to shape a future together, that we can all be proud of. Every member of the family has something to bring to the table!


Thank you for your support of our 4ce!

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