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James Jackson Lakes IV

Growth Director | Transformation & Change Coach | Partnering Point Guard | TEAMwork Agent

From Sports Athlete to Business Athlete!

The journey from being a sports athlete to a business athlete has been an incredibly energizing, enlightening, and empowering one!

Combining the skills and learnings from countless hours in the gym, classroom, and various training sessions really lit up my passion for learning. Learning is growing, growing is a big part of life, and bringing value to others makes it all worthwhile. The words Change and Transformation are often used interchangeably but I've adopted the following after reading The Primes, "Change fixes the past. Transformation creates the future." They are not mutually exclusive and depending on what your focus is, you need to adopt different game plans and schemes to be successful with either.

Anyone who knows me knows that TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is not just a slogan but a way of life. Building strong teams and developing environments where they can perform at consistently high levels is my fuel. Having purposeful goals, being mindful of consistency, providing clarity, and building positive energy are all core attributes of strong teams. It takes practice. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to practice my craft.

After nearly two years as a Chief Transformation Officer, I took on a new role as a Regional Growth Director for Healthcare. The Growth element is focused on (1) Growth of our people and teams to be world-class value creators for healthcare providers and consumers, (2) Growing our impact and brand across the healthcare ecosystem, and (3) growing our revenue and business using #1 and #2 as the fuel.

Every Partnership, like every relationship, is an imperfect union and orchestrating them like any good Point Guard it is daily work for me.

I work feverishly to score points that Change and Transform what individuals and organizations do by focusing on doing the Right Thing, the Right Way, Every Single Day.

Want to play or build an imperfect union then find me at

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