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Changing The Home's Pulse With Heart - A Kitchen Renovation!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019


When we first bought our home, we knew right away, that the kitchen needed to be updated. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs to be a place you want to be. So we started the journey of renovation!

The space and layout was great, but so sterile looking with all the white. The counter tops are the only thing we kept as is, but everything else has gotten a facelift.

Check out the results!


Make your pantry appealing!

Before this area was all white and had no interest! The pantry had a door and was just another space with shelves. We took the door off and added colors.

Now the colors draws your eyes to this corner of the kitchen. A fun, colorful wallpaper to dress up the boring white shelves framed by a nice dark grey wall color.

The first section of the pantry is organized with glass containers to display the usual household items in a nice way. The not so appealing items got a place in the back of the pantry #pantry


Farm Sink with a Garden Window!

This cute little window needed to be more of a “center piece” of the kitchen. It definitely was “screaming” for a sink in this area, so we added a large stainless steel farm sink.

We removed quite a bit of those small cabinets surrounding the window to open it up a little. Those small cabinets a quite useless anyways!

A beautiful backsplash was added for a fresh modern, but classic look. We also added a new cabinet for the build-in microwave, since the old one was too small. #renovation #kitchen #interiordecoration


The Kitchen Island!

The Island always seem to be the center of the kitchen, where people like to gather around, so we decided to make it special.

We added a beautiful custom made butcher block and a nice ceiling light fixture. We removed the old gas stove and installed a Teppanyaki grill and a down draft vent.

Now it's just amazing and we have so much fun cooking here. #teppanyakigrill #kitchenisland #teppanyKi


Stove & Vent!

Kitchen cabinets has gotten a new “face” - a more clean look to the cabinet doors and beautiful modern pulls and knobs. Self closing mechanism on doors and drawers.

We removed the wooden vent cover and added a new contemporary hood vent. The new gas stove complement the hood nicely. The backsplash gives the existing white quarts counter tops new “life”! #cooking #contemporary #modern


Refrigerator Update and Glass Display Cabinets

So here is another big change!

The previous desk and TV build-in to the right of the fireplace didn’t work for us, so we replaced them with new cabinets for a cleaner and more balanced look. We added glass shelving's and glass doors and in-cabinet lighting, so we have a nice display cabinet for the pretty glasses etc.

On the other side of fireplace we added doors, to create a different look.

Over the fireplace we added shiplap, so now it all flows better.

The fridge we kept as is, but put new stainless steal surface on the doors. Now it looks brand new. #subzero #refrigeator


Sitting and Dining Area

We actually flipped these two spaces—the build-in bench and chandelier was kind of blocking the passage way, and we really didn’t want a “living room” in the kitchen. So this set up works so much better.

The new light fixtures are Famous Danish Artichoke lamps and looks fabulous in this space.

The Yellow Egg Chairs are also Danish Design and the yellow fabric gives this kitchen a spark of fun and sophistication and a great contrast to all the greys and whites. #danish #kogle #design #scandinavian


Kitchen is complete and we love how it turned out!

I would love to hear your comments and questions....

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Heidi Lakes
Heidi Lakes
Nov 14, 2018

Thank you Gitte. Cant wait to show you in real life!


Gitte Jakobsen
Gitte Jakobsen
Oct 02, 2018

No discussion!!! now it is A PLACE where you want to stay!!! Bravo!!

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