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Wash, Rinse, Remodel

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A laundry room is usually associated with "chores", so why not, make the space nice, so you actually want to do the work!

we have 2 teenagers, that are both athletes, which means lots of loads!

Our laundry room was a good size and functional, but not aesthetically pleasing!

Here are the before pictures......

So as you can see, it has everything you need - a deep sink, storage, laundry chute and room for dirty clothes, BUT just a bit outdated!


Here is what we did.....


Demolition started with removing the big "walk in closet". As much as this closet provided plenty of storage, it took up a lot of space creating a long narrow hallway into the laundry room itself.

We also removed the door opening between the hallway and laundry space and thereby creating one big space.

The old tiles were removed and new were installed. We chose a nice timeless, white tile with grey streaks (style selections sovereign Stone Pearl from Lowes) to create a base for the crisp white cabinets and dark grey walls. Look how big this room is!


Now it’s time to add storage back to this space. In place of the large bulky walk in closet, we added custom built tall wall cabinets.

Creating a unit with 4 pull outs for laundry baskets at the bottom and then the upper portion for all the cleaning products, paper towel, toilet paper etc.

Cabinets were all painted white (high reflective white - SW7757 #shermanwilliams #custombuildin #cabinets

We also added a sink cabinet with a nice deep sink and tall faucet so you can easily fill the bucket, when cleaning your house! Plumbing had to be moved from the opposite wall. Over the washer and dryer we created a frame that the countertop could rest on. This gives the space a finished upgraded look and it hides the not so attractive backside of the machines as well as eliminate the space behind them. For the countertop, we chose a beautiful, simple white quartz. Quartz doesn't stain and is therefore a great choice for a laundry room. #milstonegranite #quartz

To add texture to the space, we added shiplap on two of the walls and a nice semi-dark grey for the other walls (Software SW 7074).


In the other end of the laundry room there was nice built-in cabinetry already. We updated this with a fresh coat of paint and added new doors to cover the entire length and the open space underneath to give it a more modern look. This cabinet we use for our linen and towels.


Here is the finished space! This room makes me smile, when I enter! Even my teens are doing their laundry now!


Hope you like this transformation. Let me know if you need any help with your projects!

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