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Make A Grand Entrance - A Foyer Renovation

Updated: Nov 14, 2020


Are first impressions important?

I think so. When you walk into a home whether you are shopping for a new one, visiting or just coming home from work, your first impression last! It’s nice to “Be wow’ed” !


This is NOT a bad looking hallway, BUT a bit outdated. The light fixture and all the wood spindles makes the space look busy And for sure no wow factor!


Our home is 30 years old, so you have to be careful not to over modernize. The Changes you make kind of have to fit the style of the home.

This is what we did - take a look!





We added texture to the wall by adding trim and paint the trim and wall with same white color. It makes the room appear much taller and grand.

Here are some picture of how the wall trim was done.


The wood spindles was removed and in stead, we placed glass panels. This gives the staircase a nice modern and elegant look. The glass panels was custom made for our staircase and we used a nice thick glass so no chance of breaking. A brushed nickel bracket was used to secure the panels.


As with most homes, our dining room is located right off the entrance. Therefor it’s also makes part of your first impression. Here is the before picture!

Definitely needed a little ”live”!

Here is the after!

Wood mixed with metals and crystals and a nice thick shag rug. And offcourse a dimer on the light switch, so you can create ”hygge” when needed. #hygge


And yes I love crystals, but they have to have a modern flair #crystals


The Mini bar is located between dining room and kitchen. I call it my #girlcave and it’s designated for my wine. This space also needed a little help.

New paint on cabinets. We added glass shelves and light inside cabinet to make the wine glasses sparkle. The metal subway backsplash makes the space look rich. A wine cooler underneath so the white wines and champagne is ready to go when needed. For the countertop we chose a white quart that look a lot like marble. Marble and red wine stains do NOT go well together! #celticmarble #wine #bar #renovation #decoration


That concludes our grand entrance tour!

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