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Fifty Shades of Grey - Livingroom Makeover

Updated: Sep 1, 2019


Who says a Livingroom can’t be sexy!

Well, let me show you my space!


I wanted this space to be a comfortable, yet sophisticated Adult space!

First thing you noticed when walk in, is the masculine grey velour furniture. I paired it with a Rustic wood table for warmth and galvanized trays and silver décor for a little rustic and “bling”! #decoration #renovation #modernmiami


Here is how the room looked before I got my hands on it!


First, the not so attractive floor tiles had to go. We ripped them up and replaced with beautiful hardwood floors to match the existing floors in the hallway and dinning room to make the space more unified. The hardwood was finished with a grey stain with 20% Ebony giving it a nice grey/brown color. #hardwood #fireplace


The build-ins definitely needed a little TLC. The right side of the unit was a old TV cabinet. Since our TVs nowadays are nice and thin, we can hang them on the wall. Therefor, we removed the cabinet doors and created shelves to match the unit on the left side for symmetry. Over the fireplace mantle we added shiplap to unify the two units creating the appearance of one large build-in. A nice deep grey color was added and "Voila`", there you go a total new look! #modernize


Here is how it looks after the TV has been hung! #Samsung


And off course I have to have a little Danish in every room. Here I added chose a big oversized picture of the popular "NYHAVN" in Copenhagen, Denmark! #danskdesign #Copenhagen


Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you enjoyed it. I would love your LIKE, FOLLOW and COMMENTS below!

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